Get the Best of Thai Hospitality at an International Business Hotel

Looking for the perfect hotel in Thailand to cater for the business traveller in need of a bit of luxury?  The AETAS Lumpini may just be what you are looking for! This hotel in walking distance to an MRT station, is one of the latest in the AETAS fleet of hotels. The reasons for its international business hotel stature are plenty; from its strategic location in Bangkok to the provisions it offers.If your ideal accommodation is preferably near Sathorn as well as Siloam, then the AETAS Lumpini which offers top-notch Thai hospitality is the right place to check into.Here are some reasons for you to seriously consider staying at this hotel in walking distance to an MRT station:

The hotel is a few metres away from an underground train, amidst Bangkok’s commercial district!

tellAs a business traveller, you are definitely seeking a location that gives you easy reach of numerous other Thai destinations. The underground train station near the AETAS Lumpini makes this possible.

Moreover, the hotel offers a magnificent view of Bangkok courtesy of oversized windows and is about a kilometre from Gaysorn Plaza.

Spacious and stylish guestrooms

After a long day chasing after business deals, you want a quiet, comfortable place to unwind. The AETAS Lumpini offers this and much more! The designs of the 203 guestrooms are of a timeless quality yet with contemporary allures that are difficult to find elsewhere. Nevertheless, the rooms are made exciting to stay in thanks to creativity of design, and are complemented by a comfortable bed.

It is a tranquil haven amidst the vibrant life of Bangkok

While many business travellers choose to stay at the capital for obvious reasons, they prefer to sleep at a place away from the noise and bustle surrounding them.

The AETAS Lumpini offers a tranquil haven in the midst of Bangkok so that guests can enjoy quiet times in their rooms. This, coupled with the elegance of the hotel, gives you the ability to roam around the busy city during the day and rest in peace at night.

Five-star amenities are offered for guests

You have access to free Wi-Fi within the rooms and the luxury of carpeted flooring. If you have your own car, you will be thrilled to know that there is ample secure parking provided.

If you wish to work a little during your stay, there is sufficient room in the workplaces provided within the rooms. The rooms also feature flat-screen TV’s and a comfortable sofa to give you much comfort as you unwind.

Your fitness needs and social demands are well taken care of!

You can go for training at the gym or opt for swimming sessions at the large pool. There is a pool bar handy to make your experience memorable!

The Hourglass restaurant serves both Thai and international cuisines. You can also enjoy a drink at the GMT Lounge if so desired. Of course, you can always head out and sample more of Bangkok’s lifestyle if this is appropriate.

Childcare services are provided for those who have to travel with children and still manage a few business errands.

The AETAS Lumpini’s structure towers over Bangkok’s business district and has enjoyed many positive ratings from both local and international travellers.

To stay at a hotel in walking distance to an MRT station, you can visit for more information about this luxurious AETAS hotel.