Cruising Through the Sunny Side of Life

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam is one of the most picturesque locations in the world. It is known for being home to various species of plants, animals and marine organisms. It has been also labeled as a “biological treasure trove” and is located specifically in south western Vietnam. Thus, it is but obvious that the Mekong Delta witnesses a huge influx of tourists every year and the tourism business there goes through a boost. The best developments, however, over these years there have been the expansion of Mekong Delta Cruises. There is a vast range of cruises that one can pick and choose from as a tourist as these also guarantee the best shot to spot the uncommon animals that wander around the forest lands.

mekong delta cruises

Top Places to Visit in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is full of tourist attractions and landmarks that one ought to visit during a trip. There are places like Can Tho, which is technically the epicenter of the delta, the PhuQuock island which has pristine white-sand beaches and a large part of it is covered with a tropical jungle. Then there are places like the PhonDien Floating market, the boulevards of the city of Tra Vin, which is also one of the prettiest cities of Vietnam, the Phoenix island and also the Cai Be Floating market. There are also many other beautiful and serene places one can visit. But since the delta is full of such places to go to, day trips can be extremely strenuous. The perfect solution to these trips, however, is availing Mekong Delta Cruises. They save the hassle of daily and exhausting day trips, and a cruise is probably the perfect type of transportation one can avail to visit all the important places in and around Mekong Delta.

Why Should You Avail Mekong Delta Cruises

There are a number of reasons as to justify one’s availing of cruises on the mekong delta. Firstly, they save one from taxing and physically exhausting day trips that involves hurrying through every location one goes to and spending inadequate amount of time there. By buying tickets to boat cruises on the Mekong Delta, one is assured a much more comfortable trip of the delta. Apart from that, the fact that Mekong Delta Cruises come in all sorts of price ranges, and you can choose a cruise according to your financial capability gives an edge on choosing it as the preferred mode of transportation around the place. Luxurious cruises are also available for the trips and the best cruises on Mekong Delta offer premium comfort to the passengers and people who go aboard.

Overview on the Finances

The cruises range from fairly expensive to expensive and depend on how luxurious do people want the cruise to be. There are various small as well as big companies that have renowned cruises for the Mekong Delta and also the Mekong river. The expenses can also depend on what kind of package one chooses for the trip. Costs are higher for longer trips and lesser for shorter ones. They also depend on the places you want to visit while you are holidaying in Mekong Delta. Take a look at

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